Life Hacking – Learn From the Nerds How to Get More out of Life

Life Hacking – Gain knowledge from the Nerds Ways to get Higher productivity of Life

It had not been always cool. Before technology and knowledge took over our economy, nerds were considered, well, nerds. Uncool by definition.

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I was never cool. I wasn’t fashionable; I wore Keds sneakers and whatever was available for sale from the “husky” department at JC Penney’s. I wasn’t the man you’d call ahead over and develop your hotrod Camaro. You’d call your cool friend for that. You called me once you needed help writing the sunday paper report. I quickly was your best friend.

Girls didn’t like nerds much in the past. I wasn’t a huge hit using the ladies. When I coerced a pleasant woman to marry me 22 years back, folks were shocked; they are still.

But here’s my point: It’s cool right now to certainly be a nerd, as well as the nerd subculture has coalesced on a group of Websites specialized in something called “life hacking.”

A technology writer named Danny O’Brien come up with term “life hack” after surveying several productive geeks on their own work methods. O’Brien discovered a pattern one of the most productive programmers: The best of them – the nerdiest from the nerds – all had created odd tricks and shortcuts to get their work done faster or better. O’Brien shared his research in a report called “Life Hacks: Tech Tricks of Overprolific Alpha Geeks.” The word “life hack” spread from the nerd community as being a malware. Today there are numerous books, podcasts and websites on trading. One of several goals of life hacking is always to make life simpler. Life Hackers express it helps website visitors to achieve more, efficiently, with simple solutions. Merlin Mann created a blog called 43 Folders, which can be the most popular life-hacking sites. Mann suggests having everyone stand during meetings so nobody will hang around. Another suggestion from Mann is usually to check emails over a regular schedule rather than reacting immediately to each and every email that arrives. (Numerous life-hacking ideas relate with managing email better.)

The Hipster PDA is an additional life-hacking idea. It is really an substitute for using personal digital assistants, or PDAs, including Blackberries and Palm Pilots. The Hipster PDA is just a few index cards held together with a paper clip. It’s really a “system” I am using for a long time, since tiring of my Palm Pilot and it is annoying stylus, batteries and synchronization hassles. People laugh within my low-tech notecards, the good news is the superior geeks in the united kingdom have endorsed my system! My version of the Hipster PDA costs of a penny per notecard, plus 45 cents for a pen. My version differs in a single important respect. Many nerds carry multiple index cards clipped together; I carry one. If my new activities won’t fit on one card, that informs me that my life is full and that i have to reprioritize. You will discover far more at is a site that has a life-hacking approach to saving cash. It can inform you how to: have a meal for under $3, extend the life span of your laptop battery, and cool in the summer. It tells you the top days to generate major purchases plus much more. It’s like Hints from Heloise on steroids.

Another site,, gives daily suggestions about stuff like the way to turnaround bad experiences and sleep your way to better fitness. Additionally, it gives methods for travelers, hints for people who require help beginning conversations (for example nerds), and advice on making the workday more manageable. The website has 101 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things. Understand how you should use tape to understand nail polish colors, prevent plaster from chipping off walls when hanging pictures, and arrange flowers inside a vase.

Most life hackers are centered on speed and how quickly they could finish a task. Life hacking is designed to get things done faster so that you have more hours for recreation, not simply so that you can read more work done. The main element, life hackers say, is understanding how to squeeze higher productivity of your energy.

I’m not really convinced. After perusing these sites, I find myself still putting things off, but in a considerably quicker pace.

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